Key 103’s Hattie Pearsons 8 Week Transformation.

Key 103’s Hattie Pearsons 8 Week Transformation.

These days we are inundated with quick, gob smacking transformations and everyone wants in.

The problem is, results like these come at a cost – but Key 103’s DJ Hattie was ready to take the plunge. 

Prior to Hattie starting her 8-week transformation, she had been pre-warned about the level of commitment, consistency & compliancy that she would need to adhere to, in order to get the result she anticipated.

We actually tried to talk her out of it – however, those who know Hattie, know that once she makes a decision, nothing is stopping her.

During this 8-week process, Hattie has displayed some serious determination, exercised ultimate willpower & made a lot of sacrifices to get her into this type of condition.


  • 8% Body Fat Dropped
  • 10 lbs Dropped
  • 2.5 lbs of Muscle increase
  • 100% Increase in Body Confidence

Let’s discuss the reality of what it really takes to get this lean in a short timeframe, in comparison to what social media portrays.

Social Media Hype VS Reality

  1. ANYONE can get ripped in 8 weeks

100% not true!!

Hattie was already very lean prior to starting, it was just merely a case of pulling off that last little bit of body fat, to display a nice set of abs that she’d been working on over the last year or so of training. She just decided to diet down to reveal them. However, if you don’t have a set of abs underneath your body fat OR your body fat levels are much much higher than Hattie’s before you start, then you have no chance of revealing a six pack after dieting for just 8 weeks. The reality is, most people need longer. MUCH longer, but unfortunately this way of thinking doesn’t sound very appealing to most people & doesn’t increase your social media following as quickly.

2. The process of getting lean in 8 weeks is a breeze & an enjoyable experience.

100% not true.

The end result of any short term transformation is the ultimate highlight – however, what happens in between is a different story.

What’s so bad?
  • Sticking to a very rigid, calorie & macronutrient controlled diet EVERY SINGLE DAY
  • Prepping bland meals & eating the same foods daily
  • NEVER eating off plan – no cheat meals, no treats, no alcohol, no skipping meals, minimal variation
  • NEVER missing a training session
  • Avoiding social occasions & meals out – having a life is on hold
  • Become a bit of a social recluse
  • Emotional ups & downs
  • Hunger / low motivation / mood swings / low energy

Doing an extreme cut, in a short space of time, unfortunately comes at a cost. You can’t expect results like these without a large level of sacrifice. Results like these are not for the faint hearted or for those that aren’t willing to commit to the process.

3.     You get to keep your new body

Unfortunately not true….If you want to have a life!!

The majority of people who get this lean, whist doing an extreme diet & training protocol – for a photoshoot or holiday will ultimately lose their abs within a matter of days – unless they’re willing to stick to a boring lifestyle forever!!

Just like with any short term diet, comes short term results.

4.     Training sessions are amazing & they must love it!!

At first yes, but then as the weeks go by DEFINITELY not.

Initially, the high of being on a plan, with the end goal of getting ripped in mind yields masses of motivation. Calories are usually nice & high to start; energy levels are good & all is hunky dory.

Fast forward to midway through the process, when calories are dropped & exercise duration & frequency are increased, the wheels slowly start to fall off!!

Luckily Hattie was able to stick to relatively high calories throughout her 8 weeks, as her body was very responsive –in fact, her calories were increased over the last few weeks as she was dropping too much weight.

This is absolutely NOT the case with the majority of people.

Despite this, the daily demands of training without rest days, started to have its toll on her body, leaving her feeling exhausted, emotional & losing strength.

This all sounds very doom & gloom – but the reality is, if you’re going to undertake a short term diet &/or training regime to gain a specific result – such as being beach ready because you’ve booked a holiday & panicked – then no matter what you’ve decided to do, it’s going to be a painful process. You will have to make a lot of sacrifices to get that result & you will be miserable during the process.

This is the destructive message that is being created across fitness industry in order for companies to leverage new clients – you get to see all the wonderful before and after’s, but you don’t get to see the horrible bit in between.

Food for thought

Give yourself time, be in it for the long-haul, take time to learn about your body, become educated in the process & let a transformation become part of your new life.

Eventually you will have a transformation that lasts a lifetime – not just for an Instagram post.

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