Craig’s Before and After Body Transformation

Craig’s Before and After Body Transformation

In April 2019, this bearded hipster – Craig Huges walked into FORM’s Salford gym to learn about personal training, and how FORM could support him with his body transformation. He was determined to get those successful fitness transformation before and after pictures, and was looking for FORM’s help to get him there.  

Craig sat down with David Flowers, one of our FORM personal trainers, and they clicked instantly. Craig’s chilled personality combined with his determination to learn and improve his lifestyle struck a chord with David.  

Having never lifted a weight before, Craig found the gym environment pretty intimidating, which is something a lot of people experience. However, he was intrigued by body transformations, and knew that to succeed, he needed accountability, direction, and an epic coach. 

So, here is Craig’s body story, complete with impressive body transformation before and after pictures. 

Work Life Balance

As a regular social butterfly with an equally busy work calendar, Craig’s nutrition, sleep, digestive help and cardiovascular fitness were all suffering as a result of his social life and manic work schedule. 

To begin with, our Personal Trainer David wanted to ensure that Craig felt good in his own body. So, the simple goals to start Craig on his journey were to make sure that Craig woke up feeling energised, ate without feeling bloated, and could comfortably walk up the stairs without getting breathless.  

David assessed Craig’s sleep hygiene, food habits and behaviour, and also implemented some cardiovascular training outside of regular training sessions. Sleep, nutrition and exercise – the holy trinity for achieving a healthy body, and reaching those incredible before and after body transformation pictures 

Body Transformation Training

The focus of Craig’s training sessions was education – we wanted to teach him how to lift weights, how to contract his muscles correctly and how to execute all basic movement patterns to create impressive results.  

David focused on drilling in these basics for about 6-8 weeks. These basic, simple interventions and techniques lead to outstanding personal training results. Craig felt better than ever before – his performance at work had improved, he was sleeping better, and his resting heart rate had also seen an improvement. As a result of this progress, body fat was dropping from him, and he was gaining much more strength and energy both inside and outside of the gym.  

After establishing these new foundations, Craig developed new, healthier habits that became part of his daily routine. This allowed David to start the next stage of the body transformation – stepping up the training, the conditioning and nutrition plan to focus on incredible before and after body transformation results ready for the summer months.  

Setting Tangible Body Transformation Goals

With the summer months comes festival season – that means lots of cameras and photographs, which means we all want to look our best.   

For Craig, booking tickets for summer festivals was a great future goal to work towards. As a result, Craig’s motivation was high, and his progression was unbelievable, proving that having specific goals is critical for success.  

 Once the summer months passed, it was time to find another goal – this is a critical part of David’s coaching method, as he believes everyone should clearly map out their journey and have a powerful ‘why’ in place throughout the process.  

 So, Craig asked if he could take part in a body transformation before and after photo shoot. He wanted to set himself a new task to work towards in order to challenge himself. Given that Craig started his body transformation journey with no body confidence, and now he was ready to whip his top off for all to see, this was an incredible milestone for him.  

Was this a typical body transformation story?

Most body transformation journeys take place over a 12 week period where individuals are pushed to their physical, emotional and mental limits as a result of intense nutrition and training challenges. Lots of people don’t learn anything from this journey, and finish with a great body, but a terrible mindset, which leads to a reversal of results.  

David was determined that this wouldn’t happen to Craig – Craig’s relationships and work productivity didn’t suffer as a result of his body transformation, because balance is key. However, it was important that David still introduced challenges so that Craig could continue to develop and progress, because once the body becomes accustomed to a new routine, we have to introduce new factors to continue seeing results. 

Every week, Craig’s body fat continued to drop, and as a result, he was becoming much leaner as well. On top of this, he was feeling great mentally, meaning that his training sessions continued to be productive and effective. This meant that Craig could enjoy his holidays abroad, and his 30th birthday, as a much more confident individual due to his commitment, patience, and perseverance. It’s important to remember that we’re not robots – training and nutrition should become part of our lifestyle, not hinder or oppress it. Craig now excels at this balance, meaning he has an impressive body to match his impressive beard game. 

Craig is the perfect example of someone who wants to change, and has the capability to improve their lifestyle, but just needs some support, education, and encouragement along the way.  

Now it’s your turn to see your incredible before and after body transformation results

If Craig has inspired you to live a healthier life, FORM are here to help.  

If you’re looking for your own impressive body transformation before and after pictures to post across social media, book in your free consultation to discover how our FORM personal trainers can help and support you on your journey.  

Alternatively, why not check out all our personal training packages today!  

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