Eat more to lose more!!

Eat more to lose more!!

The vast majority of people actively going to the gym are targeting fat loss. However, you will be surprised at the number of people who are not achieving their weight loss goals due to inadequate amounts of calories consumed.

>> People seem to associate fat loss with a dramatic cut in calories & a vast increase in exercise, which isn’t always the appropriate direction for you as an individual. <<

The two main reason to increase your calorie intake:

  • Better health – There are a whole host of health problems related to eating minimal calories, ranging from low energy, insufficient hormonal production, decreased concentration and a impaired immune system. After a few days of consuming 50% of your metabolic needs thyroid issues can occur with your thyroid starting to shut down. The only negativity associated with slight overeating is increased weight. If this overeating is prolonged and weight gain becomes dramatic there are some serous health affects. Basically what we are trying to say is for optimal health you are better off slightly overeating rather than chronically under eating for a prolonged period of time. But don’t worry you can still increase your calories without putting on fat.
  • Increased metabolism – Rather than increasing your metabolism through increased calories or meal frequency, the increased metabolism comes from the increased muscle mass that a calorie surplus can aid. To build muscle mass you need adequate fuel. Per pound of weight, muscle burns around 7-10 calories per day at rest compared to the 2-3 calories burnt from fat mass per day. It is important to note that this is at rest! Muscle mass burns a greater amount of calories when not at complete rest as it is responsible for bodily movement. This daily movement will dramatically increase the difference between fat and muscle in terms of calories burnt.

If fat loss has slowed down or in fact stalled completely you may want to take a closer look at your calorie intake & make sure you’re keeping your health in check & metabolism fired.

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