How fit do I have to be to start?

There are a complete mix of people that participate in our REFORM sessions, from complete beginners to avid trainers. Don’t worry if you have never stepped foot in the gym before. That’s what we are here for. There are no egos in FORM and everyone will be pushed to their personal limits.

Is this a weight loss program?

There is a big enthuses on improving body composition and physical performance. You will be assigned a coach who will guide you with lifestyle changes and a nutritional plan to make sure you hit your personal goals. So, if your goal is weight loss then your program will be tailored to hit this goal.

What happens if I can’t attend all 3 sessions on one of the weeks?

You will be able to book on to 4 sessions one week if you are not able to attend all 3 sessions the week before. We wouldn’t recommend doing more than 4 sessions per week. You are also able to swap one of the REFORM sessions for a yoga session if you are feeling a little sore.

I have a friend that wants to join me. Is there a referral offer?

Yes! We have an amazing 25% discount for both you are a friend if you both join us for the REFORM.

Will I receive a nutritional plan?

Everyone receives a nutritional plan from their assigned personal training coach. We will discuss with you what the best approach will be for your lifestyle, nutritional habits and goals.

When are the session times?

There are 18-20 sessions to choose from each week with morning sessions 6:30am & 7:30am, lunch time sessions 12:30pm, evening sessions 5:45pm & 6:45pm and weekend sessions. To know the exact times and days please email for more information.

If I am stuck at work can I rearrange my session?

You can book classes and rearrange on our booking app. It is super simple to use and allows you loads of flexibility.

I have a slight injury. Will this affect my progress / the sessions?

With the REFORM only being small groups in each session the coach will be able to change the exercise if you have a slight injury and have been give the ok to train. We have loads of different training equipment to make sure that you can still work hard with minimal risk of injury.

What happens if I have a holiday during the 8-weeks?

If you are on holiday during the 8 weeks you will be able to book on to 4 sessions one week if you are not able to attend all 3 sessions the week before. We wouldn’t recommend doing more than 4 sessions per week as you might want to spend the rest of the week in bed!!

What do I need to bring along with me?

Just your training kit and a water bottle. We cover the rest. If you are having a shower at the gym you will need to bring a towel.

Are there showers at the gym?

Yes, we have showers and changing rooms with hair dryers if you require.

Is there parking?

We don’t officially have any parking at the gym but there are plenty of car parks within 100 yards of the gym if you need.

Can I do sessions on consecutive days?

The programs change every day so this wouldn’t be a problem. We would advise not doing 3 sessions back to back but needs must sometimes.

How long is each session?

The morning, evening and weekend sessions are 60 minutes. The lunch time sessions are 45 minutes allowing you time to grab some lunch and get back to work.

How many people are in a group?

There is a maximum of 10 people per session with 2 personal training coaches. This ensures that you get the most out of your sessions every visit.

What do a session normally entail?

The sessions consist of a mixture of both cardio and weights. Every 8 weeks we change the enthuses slightly from more cardio, weight and power based movements. These are called CHARGE, FORCE & POWER.