Five reasons to invest in premium fitness coaching

Five reasons to invest in premium fitness coaching

Your body has carried you through your toughest challenges to date. How do you repay it? The truth is, you get out what you invest in your body, and the value of premium fitness coaching goes beyond the physical.

Read on to discover why investing in fitness delivers the ultimate returns.

Maximise your time

You lead a busy lifestyle, and your time is precious. So, when you work out, you want it to count.

Investing in premium training eliminates time spent creating programmes, waiting for machines, and assembling equipment.

At FORM, our experienced trainers know what you need to achieve your results. So, everything is ready and geared up for you to maximise your me-time.

Experience true personalisation

Every week, we train hundreds of people, and no two clients are the same. Premium fitness coaching with FORM is truly bespoke – and you’ll feel the difference.

Our PTs ask the right questions, do their homework, and come up with solutions to complement your lifestyle (because we all want a life outside of the gym) and get you where you want to be.

You’ll stay accountable, working closely with a like-minded PT who delivers regular assessments, a wellbeing lifestyle plan and guidance, check-ins, progress tracking and monitoring.

And personalisation isn’t limited to 121 clients. REFORM challenges traditional group training by bringing the spirit and intimacy of personal training into a community environment. So, your trainer gets to know you personally and tailors every session around you.

Get bespoke nutrition

Nutritional support should be 100% bespoke to you, your ambitions, and your lifestyle.

Created by our in-house certified nutritionist, your FORM nutrition plan will complement your training and take a holistic approach to your wellbeing.

Together, we’ll synchronise food and movement to unlock your healthiest, happiest self.

Progress and grow

Premium fitness coaching delivers incredible value by constantly evolving with you.

Training with FORM is a journey, not a one-off solution. So, when you join our community, you can expect progressive programming that adapts as you do.

As a REFORM member, you’ll enjoy a switch-up to the programme every eight weeks to challenge and refresh your mind and body.


The culture of a gym is everything. It sets the tone for its members’ experience and how they see themselves.

We believe there’s no “typical” gym person, body shape or age: anyone who’s ready to invest in themselves is worthy of the same level of support.

Shunning the shaming, gimmicks, and fads, we focus on finding your personal best and supporting you to feel amazing, inside and out.

Our community will become your personal hype crew.

Member Ben says: “I keep coming back because there’s a real community spirit that encourages you to continuously improve.”

You’ll feel the vibe as soon as you step in and quickly understand the value of training in a space that sees you as more than a number.

Melissa joined FORM as part of a bigger plan to come off depression medication. She said: “Working out isn’t just about exercising, it’s also about investing in yourself, creating healthy routines and adding balance to busy lives. I’m the happiest and healthiest I’ve ever been and FORM has played a huge part in that. 

Start investing in yourself

Finding the right gym or trainer comes down to so much more than price and qualifications. You need to identify a space and team with the right cultural fit and mindset to support your physical and mental wellness. If you’re ready to feel like the best version of yourself, we’ve got you.

Enquire here, and let’s get started.

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