FORM at work: promoting exercise and wellbeing at Bruntwood Works

FORM at work: promoting exercise and wellbeing at Bruntwood Works

Experiencing the power of FORM first-hand sparked another kind of fitness revelation for Bruntwood CEO, Chris Oglesby. Discover how one man’s health journey set in motion a partnership that’s now transforming the lives of hundreds of others. 

The WHO 

CEO Chris Oglesby was initially sceptical about how FORM could help him progress his fitness journey.  

With a punishing fitness history of rugby playing, long-distance running and triathlon training, Chris had spent the past decade trying to lengthen and repair his muscles through restorative yoga.  

After several recommendations, he decided to give FORM a try.  

18 months later, he’s not only an ambassador for the FORM method, but he’s elevated our partnership to the next level.  


Working with his FORM personal trainer Ben, Chris received a customised programme designed to support his yoga practice and hit all of his strength goals. While his diet was already in good shape, we offered tailored support and advice on achieving his potential and unlocking a multitude of physical and mental wellbeing benefits exercise has to offer. 

Taking a scientific approach to Chris’s objectives, we combined strength training and cardio in a bespoke way to help Chris supercharge performance in all areas of his life and reap the incredible wellbeing benefits exercise has to offer.

The HOW 

FORM’s collaboration with Chris has not only taken his strength training to the next level, but has helped him navigate life’s challenges with higher levels of resilience and stamina. 

Chris said: “For me, the pandemic has had huge parallels with the 2008 financial crisis, during which I also endured a serious health scare, which I believe was stress-related. 

“Then, I dealt with it by pounding the pavements hard. Looking back, I don’t think it was the best physical response to dealing with the stress. 

“Through working with FORM, I’ve had a far more measured approach to the Covid pandemic. It’s easy to see the many broader mental benefits of my fitness in my general wellbeing and the impact on the quality of my sleep.” 

And, for Chris, the mental and wellbeing benefitsfar outweigh the physical.  

He added: “Seeing how much happier and more effective I’m able to be in all facets of my life is a bigger driving factor for me than the physical benefits. How much I can lift doesn’t change my life: how that makes me feel does change my life.” 


Quickly, Chris discovered FORM’s customised approach to health and wellbeing aligned perfectly with his yoga practice and general attitude to life.  

In fact, he was able to accelerate his yoga progress and tap into a far greater range of movement through training with us. 

In just 18 months, he was able to advance his yoga ability further than he had in the previous 10 years of practice: solid proof of the FORM method in action.   

Chris Oglesby - Bruntwood - Promoting Exercise and Wellbeing to hundreds

FORM at work  

Seeing the power of the FORM method inspired Chris to take things further. As the relationship between exercise and wellbeing unlocked so many benefits in his own life, he saw the potential to offer the same experience to thousands of individuals working in his busy city centre workspaces. 

FORM operates their fitness studios at Bruntwood Works’ Riverside space and now there are exciting plans to roll out the FORM experience to Bruntwood Works workspaces across the city in 2021, delivering personal trainingsmall group training classes and a host of group sessions. 

In a post-COVID world, in particular, the workplace is changing and needs to continue evolving to offer more to its users. Always ahead of the curve, Bruntwood Works is a pioneer in adding value. 

Chris said: “Our work and personal lives are blurring. Now we’ve learned we can work from home, professional workspaces need to offer more value. For a building to appeal to a business and its employees, it has to be more than a place where people sit and work – we need to find solutions for other parts of their lives, too, and create environments where they thrive both professionally and personally. 

“In focusing on the whole person, we get so much more productivity, longevity, loyalty and discretionary effort from them. So, this is our part of the contract in helping people be the best versions of themselves.” 

The Power of Exercise and Wellbeing

With health and wellbeing benefits of exercise at the forefront, FORM and Bruntwood Works are building stronger, healthier and happier working communities across Manchester, enabling individuals to access the incredible advantages of group activities and connectivity.  

Bruntwood Works has many amazing SME customers who do not always have the capacity or the structure to implement broader wellbeing measures in their own businesses. Our collaboration means they can offer their employees high-level facilities that help attract and retain the best talent, further boosting the Bruntwood Works offering. 

For this partnership to truly impact the lives of Bruntwood Works and FORM’s communities, the two companies needed to share common values. Fortunately, Bruntwood’s colleague proposition is to “shape your world”, which aligns perfectly with our thoughtful approach to your health journey.  

Chris added: “We see a strong brand alignment between Bruntwood and FORM. Both businesses value authenticity and see health and wellbeing as a long-term priority, not a passing trend. We’re responding to the demands of today’s workforce by providing a genuine, impactful answer to their needs.”  

The FORM method 

Speaking about the FORM method, Chris says: “How FORM do it is really clever – they’re authentic to their own proposition, it’s sustainable, not a passing fad, and it is very much tailored around the personal strengths and approaches of all the individuals they work with.” 

Like Chris, we understand that personal training should be personal and perfectly attuned to your individual health needs. Our approach is holistic and supportive, with zero preaching or shaming – instead, you’ll see how deeply we understand your objectives and feel our passion to help you surpass your goals. 

Prioritising Wellbeing

Time after time, we see that this unlocks success in every other area of your life. Chris’s final words on the subject?

“One of my favourite pieces of advice comes from the famous aeroplane safety instructions: put your own oxygen mask on before helping others: after all, you’re no use to anyone else if you’re not taking care of yourself properly.” 

Through his partnership with FORM, Chris has done exactly this: prioritising his own wellbeing has been the driving force to pay it forward in an extraordinary way.  

Ready to see the impact FORM’s elite training can have on your personal, physical and professional health? Contact us, and let’s talk about you.  


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