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    Director / Personal Trainer

    Libby has been a personal trainer for over 15 years building the reputation as Manchester’s leading female coach.

    Her relentless desire to enhance her skills and knowledge to deliver an unparalleled service to FORM clients is her primary focus. Her ambition to become a leading female figure in the fitness industry is paramount to her personal and business development.

    Libby believes in inspiring and empowering people, creating lasting lifestyle changes as a result. Her vision is to bring the highest quality of coaching and professionalism to Manchester’s personal training.

    Libby has undertaken business mentorship by Mark Coles, an industry leader which has helped steer the success of FORM, alongside ongoing coaching mentorship by James Sutton, M10’s Education Director in order to be at the forefront of industry developments.



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    Director / Personal Trainer

    Ben has over 15 years of personal training experience along with a 9-year career in professional sport and a first-class honours degree in sports science. This combination gives Ben the understanding of how to push his client both mentally and physically to achieve their fitness goals.  

    His passion is to inspire people through health and fitness. Allowing everyone to experience the developments in self-confidence and improved energy levels that exercise provides, allowing people to gain control of their life.

    Ben’s dream is to transform people’s views of the fitness industry to one that isn’t fixated on providing ill-advised and conflicting information in the pursuit of profits, but to give people a clear and simple understanding that they are in full control of their body and health.

    Ben’s relentless pursuit of knowledge and self-improvement has established him as one of the leading personal trainers in Manchester. This resuming self-developed provides him with the tools and experience to help everyone achieve results that they never thought possible.   


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    Head Personal Trainer

    David is a highly experienced personal training coach who has been in the industry for over 10 years working with clients all over the world. He’s worked in New Zealand, Australia, the U.A.E. and Manchester successfully coaching a multitude of clientele delivering results time & time again.

    David has vast experience from his work overseas and has coached upcoming athletes and successful businessmen and women. He’s hugely passionate about helping empower and educate everyday people. He possesses a unique ability to translate his experience and knowledge into teaching clients the fundamentals required to change their life through health & Fitness. Regardless of his experience and skillset David continuously seeks to learn from the best personal trainers in the industry to deliver an exceptional personal training experience. Ultimately David sets himself apart from other trainers in the industry with his no ego approach and a genuine passion to help people.


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    Nutritionist and Personal Trainer

    Claudia is an experienced personal trainer and also is our very own qualified Nutritionist.

    Delivering corporate wellness talks around Manchester, Claudia has been helping educate businesses and individuals on how nutrition and lifestyle changes can make huge impacts on all areas of life not only from a weight loss perspective. 

    Providing both her skill set for coaching on the gym floor and passion for nutrition, Claudia is able to use her knowledge on all areas to support her clients in every aspect of their lives, to help them achieve results they never thought possible.

    Her goal is to empower clients to feel strong, healthy and confident to see the real benefits that resistance training and nutritional interventions can bring to change their lifestyles for the long term.



    Personal Trainer

    The fitness industry has always been quite daunting, with people shouting the odds at every given opportunity. Kaif wishes to take the intimidation out of personal training and make achieving your goal as simple and as educational as possible.  

    Kaif could go on about how passionate he is about training and how long he has been in the industry but you probably don’t care. You just want to know how and if he is going to help you get to your training goal. 

    The answer to that is: yes! He can, and you will have a lot of fun doing it! Combined with ongoing education and a coach who understands all the problems you face, you’ll achieve some great things together.



    Personal Trainer

    Joe is a driven and highly passionate personal trainer. With a first class sports science degree and 5 years coaching experience in the US, Joe has the knowledge and understanding to drive clients forward to successfully reach their goals no matter their current level and ability.

    His passion is to help people form an understanding of the crucial principles which will allow you to make decisions for yourself and remove dependency on all the fitness fads.

    Joe has a ruthless commitment to get people the results they want. It is this commitment that sees him constantly continuing his education. It is then his ability to pass this knowledge on in an easy to understand way that makes him a fantastic trainer.

    Ultimately he believes that health and fitness is something for everyone and that people deserve straightforward answers as they look to achieve their goals. This approach along with Joe’s ability to understand the problems people face means he has the tools to help people reach long term, life changing results.



    Personal Trainer

    Sam has been a personal trainer for 5 years, working in a range of environments including commercial, boutique and private gyms. During this time he has had the pleasure of working with hundreds of clients from all walks of life, helping them exceed in their fitness goals beyond what they ever thought possible. He believes success stems from a good education around lifestyle, science-backed training methodologies, and then good old fashioned hard training.

    Sam’s goal as your coach is to inspire you and push you to your limits, whilst providing a blueprint to guide you from where you are now to where you want to be. Working with Sam, you can expect quality coaching from a trainer who is as passionate about your goals as you are. Nothing makes Sam happier than watching his clients transform both physically and mentally.



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