Add definition to your muscles with our guide to the best women’s tricep exercises. They require minimal equipment and are suitable for all fitness levels and abilities. Read on to find out our recommended tricep exercises for women.

About women’s tricep exercises

Women’s tricep exercises are often forgotten about. Let’s change that, because everyone needs strong and healthy arms! Keep reading to discover three of the best women’s triceps exercises that you can do with dumbbells alone. We suggest that you complete three sets of each of the women’s tricep exercises while following the recommended reps guide.

Overhead Triceps Extension

The overhead triceps extension is one of the best women’s triceps exercises around as it works your entire core and triceps effectively. Begin this exercise by standing with a dumbbell secured within your hands. Raise your arms above your head while keeping them straight. Keep your biceps at ear height and then lower your arms behind your head. Then come to a pause and return to the starting position. We recommend that you carry out 8-10 reps of this exercise.

Triceps Dip

Another of the best women’s tricep exercises which strengthens your upper body and activates your triceps muscles immediately is the tricep dip. To engage in the tricep dip exercise, place your dumbbells on the floor and sit in front of them with your legs extended, knees bent and feet flexed. Rest your hands on the end of each dumbbell and straighten your arms, then  lift yourself a few inches off the ground to achieve your starting position. Proceed to bend your elbows to lower your body to the floor and extend your arms again to bring yourself back. We recommend that you carry out 8-10 reps for this exercise. 

Another variation of the triceps dip is the chair dip. This involves using the edge of a chair as opposed to your dumbbells giving you the opportunity to extend your legs further throughout the exercise.

Triceps Kickback

The triceps kickback is one of the best women’s tricep exercises as it activates your core and targets the big muscle which runs along the back of your upper arms.

To carry out this exercise, stand with your feet hip distance apart and your knees slightly bent with your hips leaning forward. Hold a dumbbell in your hand at each side of your chest so your elbows are bent. Then begin to move your arms behind you in a straight line while squeezing the triceps. Carry out 8-10 reps for this exercise.

There are similar women’s tricep exercises to the kickback which you may want to try such as triceps underhand kickbacks and alternating triceps kickbacks.

We hope you benefit from our recommendations on the best women’s tricep exercises. Need additional support with your fitness journey or more recommendations about which exercises are suitable for you? We offer personal training services with one to one personal training available. Book your place today.

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