Group training that feels more like 121 PT than a fitness class, with progression and performance at the heart, that’s RELOAD.

Transform your body and training with access to a 12 week structured, progressive real training programme, supported and led by FORMS experienced personal trainers. 
What is it?

High level coaching sessions in a group setting with a 1:5 coach to client ratio. RELOAD ensures plenty of personal attention during training sessions alongside full support and guidance outside of the gym guiding you towards your goals. 


The RELOAD 12 week training programme is designed for those looking to get a noticeable result and vastly improve their fitness. Completing 3 sessions a week over a 12 week period, promoting consistency, training adaptation and on-going education will guarantee to deliver the result you are looking for. 

RELOAD welcomes all fitness levels, from complete beginners to experienced gym goers.

Sounds interesting? Book me in for a free trial session and chat with the FORM team. 



To achieve a result you must focus on what happens both inside and outside of the gym, that is why the RELOAD programme fully guides each member with both nutritional and lifestyle support. We know that to achieve any physical results there must be a focus on your nutrition. Our in-house nutritionist has you covered! Each member can access a 15 minute consultation with our nutritionist who will set realistic, measurable targets to get the ball rolling towards your physical goals. 


What else?

Nutritional and training education- through e-books, video check in’s and in-session coaching. Members will receive nutritional, lifestyle and training education to ensure a lifelong transformation. 

  • Nutrition E-Book
  • RELOAD Handbook
  • In session coaching and discussions


All monthly and 12 week members will access the 90 day On-boarding Program.

90 day on-boarding programme 

Our 90 day on-boarding program will ensure you are getting the most out of your membership. At the start of your journey your coach will help set specific outcomes and process goals. Then with video check-ins from your coach and regular message check-ins through our app you will be sure to feel supported through your journey. 


To reap the full benefits of RELOAD we have created the 12 week programme for those looking for a guaranteed result.

Partaking in 3, 60 minute training sessions per week with 12 back to back weeks of training and support.

With 12 sessions across the week to choose from you can ensure sessions will fit around other commitments. 

If you want to jump right in and grab your RELOAD place you can do that right here. 

12 week RELOAD programme 

An upfront payment not for you? 

RELOAD monthly memberships may be better suited to your budget. 

Membership options

Choose from 2, 3 or unlimited sessions per week but pay on a monthly basis and still receive all the benefits of the RELOAD 12 week programme.


  • 2-4 training sessions per week, delivered to an extremely high coaching standard
  • Access to 2 different training styles
  • Access and use of the TrainHeroic training app to log and review training data. This helps RELOAD members to monitor training progress.
  • Onboarding questionnaire and video from RELOAD coach
  • Bi-weekly nutrition education in the form of a short (10-15 min video) or PDF.
  • Free access to TEST Events held every 12 weeks. These will include performance and health data (blood pressure, measurements, training performance)
  • Free access to educational presentations led by our experienced coaches and nutritionist.
  • Access to the FORM TOOLKIT – an educational resource to boost your results.



RELOAD is all about training properly and effectively, you will never just ‘go through the motions’ in these sessions. Each phase of the programme will teach you something new about training and take your strength and fitness to levels you didn’t believe achievable.

RELOAD is a lifting based concept, frequently using barbells, dumbbells, machines and conditioning kit as the basis of all our programming.

You will rarely do a burpee here. 

Program design is based around years of on-going research and experience and delivered by Manchesters best PT’s. This is certainly not a bootcamp.



We’ve created a concept that is best of both, it combines the power, energy and community of team workouts, but also the focus and one-on-one care of a personal trainer.

At our city centre personal training studio, you’ll be challenged, tested, pushed to your limit. Train in a progressive environment guided by experienced trainers and supported by the RELOAD gang.

A group training concept that will hold you accountable to turning up to each session and putting in the work.

group training


New here? Learn more about RELOAD with some useful FAQ.

Or, why not shoot us an email with any questions and we will get straight back to you.

Want to get a feel for how the sessions run? 

Book in for a free trial session and an introduction to the head trainer. 

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group training Manchester
"My first RELOAD changed my life. I've never looked back"

Leanne Mullen Leanne joined RELOAD as she was looking for motivation, accountability and support, what she achieved was far beyond her expectations.

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group training Manchester
"After one RELOAD camp I was hooked"

Sam was looking to get back in shape and get himself ‘rugby fit’.

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group training Manchester
"I decided to try something completely out of my comfort zone"

From struggling to drop any weight despite a highly active lifestyle Michelle took a chance on RELOAD and reaped the rewards in more ways than one.

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group training Manchester
"I joined RELOAD to get ready for ski season, I didn't expect anything more than that"

Paul’s motivation to join RELOAD was purely to be fit enough to ski. 3 camps later and his entire health and lifestyle has been overhauled.

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group training Manchester
"It's never been about weight loss for me, I joined RELOAD to focus on my health and fitness and the results just followed"

Melissa was never interested in knowing how much weight she was losing, her focus was always fitness and performance based. Her amazing transformational results were a by-product of consistency and simple enjoyment being apart of the RELOAD programme.

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group training Manchester
"Joining RELOAD finally guided me towards getting the results I'd always wanted"

From following every ‘bro diet’ and random online training programs and getting nowhere Sam finally took the plunge and joined RELOAD where he finally learnt how to achieve results he’d dreamed of.

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