Annoying lifestyle related pain and how to fix it

Annoying lifestyle related pain and how to fix it

It is hard, sitting at a desk all day and the only movement you get is to reach for the bottle of Pepsi in your bag. Trust me, we’ve all been there before. As new age humans, everything about what we do is usually us hunched forward and seated, whether it be at a computer or on a phone, generally leaving us in unnecessary pain. If you work in an office you are pretty much in this position all day. This can cause havoc on your body, if you suffer from this you will know exactly what we mean. Your whole body feels tense all the time, right?

Today we will be outlining what you can do to relieve this tension but also what to do to prevent it from getting worse!

Pain Relief Strategy 1.

Stand up and walk!

This can be a little touchy as some managers may think you aren’t doing any work, however, we recommend not sitting down for the whole 8 to 10-hour shift. We always prescribe our clients to stand up and work for 10 minutes every 30 minutes or so, this allows your hips to loosen up and not be in a flexed position for 4 hours at a time.

Pain Relief Strategy 2.

Eat out for lunch!

You may have a ton of work to get done which is fair enough however if you have the chance to eat lunch outside of your workplace, then do it. Eating out will not only give you a well earned mental break but physically your body will thank you for it. Fresh air and a chance to stretch your legs are all you need sometimes.

Pain Relief Strategy 3.

Mobilise more!

Wake up earlier and take your body through a few mobility drills, doing so will not only mentally fire you up but will also blow off the old cobwebs surrounding your joints.

These may seem like very simple strategies to help alleviate the everyday pains that a modern lifestyle bring but trust us when we say by doing these things will notably improve your quality of life, leaving you pain free.

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