Eating out – what you need to know

Eating out – what you need to know

Im eating out this weekend, what can I have?

We understand Crimbo is around the corner and there is obviously going to be nights out with family and friends. However it important to keep a close eye on what you are eating! Today we are going to be covering how to eat out, drink alcohol and still stay on track with your goals. 

We recommend eating out; food should be enjoyed socially with friends and family. We don’t advocate taking Tupperware with you to your favourite restaurant. That’s not what changing your life and body for the better is all about.

However, we can make better decisions, especially when eating out. Of course, through your journey you’re going to have social events such as birthdays, Christmas parties etc and it’s clear they’ll be some unhealthy food and beverages knocking about. Again, this comes down to you and your goal. How serious are you about getting a result?

If you’re serious then we would recommend holding off the sausage rolls, cheese and crackers. Yes, it may be difficult to some degree, however you’re going to have to have some degree of willpower and avoid these temptations and think of the bigger picture when eating out.

 Here are a few strategies to help you eating out.

  • Dont be afraid to ask to change your meal, swap, mix and match foods from the menu.
  • Opt for a high protein meal to help keep you full around highly palatable foods no doubt surrounding you.
  • Seek out restaurants beforehand rather than just opting for any. This is especially common if youre hungry after a long day of shopping etc.
  • Drink sparkling water before your meal, this can help you feel more full so you avoid potentially gorging on foods.
  • Say no to any complimentary bread and butter.
  • Eat before a work event if possible, then once at the event opt for salads, which may contribute the better option meal you ate prior.
  • Mix and match foods available at events, dont be afraid to also ask if there is anything else in the kitchen.

 All in all, it’s about making more conscious food decisions, planning and most of all enjoying food with friends and family.

eating out

What about alcohol. Can I drink if i’m trying to lose weight? 

A vey common question asked by clients who are starting their health & fitness journey.

The answer simply is it ‘depends’.

Depends on your goal and what is realistic and sustainable for you. If you want quick results then alcohol would no doubt be off the agenda.

With all clients it’s our priority not to only get you results but to also improve your overall health long term. If you have been drinking socially for many years we understand it may be very difficult to ditch it at the drop of a hat. Lifestyle plays a huge part in this and our mission is to help educate you, yet not turn your life completely upside down, which may affect other areas of your life.

What we can do is therefore give you solutions and more options. Whether that is limiting consumption weekly, setting you tasks and strategies to overall help reduce this potential limiting factor hindering your fat loss journey. There are many ways to improve your quality of life without derailing you from having a social life.

We understand having a life is important.

However we do solely want the best from you from a health stand point and would not recommend alcohol through the process of changing your health, mind and body through our coaching services here at FORM.

Here are a few strategies to help, if you’re an alcohol drinker and want to limit/stop it all together gradually. 

  • Swap your current alcoholic beverage for a less calorie dense mix, such as vodka, lime & soda, rum or a gin option over a traditional lager or wine, which contains a lot more calories.
  • Limit consumption weekly by 1 drink, week after by 2 drinks and so on.
  • Drive to social events to stop you from drinking. (Dont drink drive)
  • Dont take your credit card out with you and stick to only taking out a small amount of cash.

Our goal is to provide you with solutions and educate you in all aspects of nutrition, which can be a fundamental aspect in you achieving long lasting, realistic and sustainable results.

If you want to find out more about how our Manchester Personal Trainers help hundreds of clients each year achieve amazing lifestyle changes book in for your free consultation today.


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