How can I lose weight healthily?

How can I lose weight healthily?

You might think that starving yourself and training hard will make you skinny. But the simple answer is, It will not.  
In-fact losing weight unhealthily by starving yourself and training hard will quite frankly make you fat… and sick. Read on to hear from the experts at FORM explain how to lose weight healthily

Losing weight healthily

If you’re asking yourself, ‘how can I lose weight healthily’ the last answer on that list should be starving yourself and training hard.  

Here are the top reasons why starving yourself and training hard won’t make you lose weight healthily and fast: 

  • Long term under-eating (starving) and training in excess will slow down metabolism. In addition, inducing binge eating patterns into your lifestyle will ultimately make you fat.  
  • Starving will make your appetite skyrocket and you’ll also develop excessive cravings (including sugar addiction) 
  • As a result of losing weight unhealthily, your body will recognise a reduction in energy and will preserve energy, storing fats to keep you alive 
  • Losing weight unhealthily and fast will trigger noticeable fluctuations in the following: mood, depression, anxiety. Also, you will experience a need for isolation and develop an obsessiveness with calories and calorie expenditure. 
  • Loss of strength, focus, concentration, libido and sleep 
  • Lack of nutrients can lead to a loss of muscle tissue as the body will use muscle as energy. This will result in reduced metabolism. 
  • Potential to develop eating disorders, fear of certain foods, personality changes & become painfully obsessed with food. 

So, if you think that you’re trying to cheat the system and that by starving yourself will help lose weight healthily and fast, you’re doing it all wrong. By barely eating and training hard for approximately 7x a week, then I’m afraid this will only result in disaster.  

It is important to remember: your body is much smarter than calories in, calories out. 

Steps to losing weight healthily

Here at FORM, Personal Training Specialists we’ve compiled a list of how to move away from starving yourself and training hard. Following these steps will help you to regain your mental and physical health.  

1. To lose weight healthily, don’t cut calories too low. If you’re purposefully eating less than 1000 calories per day (I dare say that’s high for some) then understand that you’ll be hugely suppressing your metabolism especially if you’re training daily.

2. Stop focusing on calories & macros – instead, focus on how you can lose weight healthily. By consuming a diet high in nutritious, natural and wholesome foods is the best way to lose weight.  

3. Slowly reintroduce calories back into your diet. Small increments such as an additional apple a day or 5 brazil nuts will slowly allow your body to readjust to the increased energy input – you’ll immediately start to reap the rewards and I promise you, YOU WON’T GET FAT!! 

4. Understand that losing weight fast is going to be difficult. Unless you’re very overweight, losing vast amounts of weight per week is unrealistic & unsustainable – 1-2lbs per week is ideal and a healthy way to lose weight.  

5. Remember that you’re not weak and lack willpower. Being in a calorie deprived state will break anyone eventually, your body will naturally drive you to binge, it’s a survival instinct. Don’t feel ashamed, guilty or frustrated with something you have minimal control over. 

6. Ensure that you’re eating regularly – eating 3 small meals and 2 snacks will assist in controlling hunger, sustaining energy levels and stop you obsessing over calories. These meals will supply your body with the nutrients it needs. 

7. Reduce exercise frequency – Yes, you heard us right. If you’ve been attending every body pump, spin, grit and yoga class going on at the gym and are seeing no results, this suggests your body is highly stressed and can’t cope with the demands you’re asking of it. Reducing training frequency and allowing some rest time, will give your body the downtime it needs to repair and replenish and help you lose weight healthily – WE PROMISE!! 

How to lose weight healthily and fast?

Losing weight both healthily and fast is tricky. There’s no quick fix to losing weight fast, without it most probably being unhealthy!  

Follow the following steps to help you lose weight naturally and healthily, it really does all start with changing your mindset:  

  1. How many calories you can burn in an hour
  2. How far you can push your heart rate 
  3. The more I sweat the better the workout 
  4. How long can you possibly go without food 

In order to lose weight healthily, you need to start thinking of the positives of working out. Whether you’re taking One to One Personal TrainingGroup Personal Trainingor whatever another exercise that takes your fancy, you need to start thinking about how workouts improve your health, energy, strength and mindset.  

How can I lose weight healthily with FORM

Training and nutrition should be something that compliments your lifestyle, not something that makes you miserable. If you are wondering how to lose weight healthily, here at FORM we have a range of personal training services and nutrition training to help you lose weight healthily and fast.  

If you have any questions on how you can lose weight healthily, please feel free to contact the team at FORM with your questions on info@formmcr.com 

Now lose weight healthily! And check out our instagram page for more tips!  

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