Body fat, we all have it but can it be targeted?

Body fat, we all have it but can it be targeted?

Stubborn body fat areas, we all have them and love to obsess about them, but is it possible to specifically target these annoying areas to visibly reduce body fat?

Unfortunately you can not pick and choose where you lose fat. Your body is genetically made up to lose fat in whichever way it needs to, this means one person could begin to lose fat on their face and then their bum whilst another could first lose it on their back then onto their arms. Frustrating !!

We are all different and our bodies get rid of fat in which way it thinks best, but you can’t decide where. You can, however, target a muscle area, this is where people get mixed up.

Targeting muscle vs targeting body fat

Targeting a muscle is to make it stronger and if done correctly, bigger. Building muscle can have an incredible impact on your body, physiologically as it can result in you burning fat at rest. Say you want a bigger derrière, in order for it to look like a powerful set of buns, you are going to need to strengthen and build them. The only way to do this is via building muscle.

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What about getting a six pack?

This brings us to the abdominal area, everyone wants a six-pack and have been misled into thinking by doing thousands of ab crunches and sit-ups, they will somehow magically reveal a set of solid abs. No, everyone has a core, some weaker than others, without it, you wouldn’t be able to stand upright. When it comes to the six-pack, it usually hides underneath a layer of body fat, this is why we would need to shed some body fat to be able to reveal them. It has little to do with how much you train the area. Understand this and you will be one step closer to achieving some great results.

What should you do?

In a nutshell if your goal is to lean up your legs, reveal a six pack, slim down the backs of your arms or shrink your man boobs theres 3 basic things you must be doing;

  1. Eat in a SMALL calorie deficit, probably meaning you will need to track your calories. Expend more energy than you are consuming and you will drop body fat.
  2. Lift weights. As mentioned earlier lean legs, toned arms and a rippling six pack are all built by lifting weights and getting strong. 
  3. Increase your daily energy expenditure. Whether thats increasing your daily steps to 10k or adding in a couple of cardio sessions to your training plan, to ensure you are dropping body fat you need to get up and get moving.

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