Ben Wood

Programme: 1-2-1 Personal Training
Duration: 12 weeks
  • 33lbs dropped
  • The leanest he has ever been in his life
  • Gained a world of knowledge

Over a 12 week period Ben set himself a challenge to see how lean he could possibly get!

Ben knew that 12-week fitness transformations were hard before doing one himself but I now he truly appreciates how hard they really are. Ben can truly say now that 99% of the people that enquire for one to one personal training do not want or need to put themselves through this process. It’s HARD! This isn’t saying that we shouldn’t aim for something dramatic and have short term goals, but rather being realistic with these goals.

Set short terms goals but ensure that there is a longer, more sustainable goal at the end of this. You don’t want to work that hard just to look good for a one week holiday. When Ben says it isn’t worth the effort for just one week of looking good….. trust me it isn’t!!

Read Ben’s full story on what it takes to get this lean.



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