Ben Wood’s Transformation

Programme: 1-2-1 Personal Training
Duration: 12 weeks

Ben’s transformation is one of a challenge to the extreme  

  • 33lbs dropped
  • The leanest he has ever been in his life
  • Gained a world of knowledge

Over a 12-week period Ben set himself a challenge to see how lean he could possibly get! This wasn’t because he felt like he needed to or for the health benefits of reducing his fat mass lower than it was but rather to learn from the process.

Previously, Ben had only trained for sport performance reasons. Ben had only learnt about fat loss via educational content, and was encouraging his clients to follow a process that he had never experienced for myself. Ben had never gone through a body transformation phase of weight loss because he had never really needed to.

‘When I started this process, I didn’t really need to lose weight either, but I wanted to appreciate how difficult losing weight really is, and I wanted to understand what it takes to drastically change your body shape in a short period of time. For me, it was important that I learn from this experience so that I could become a better personal trainer and be of even greater benefit to my clients.  

You can read all of the books, attend all the seminars, and gain all of the qualifications that you want, but nothing beats having hands on experience and practical knowledge gained from participating in a challenge yourself – so this is what I did with the 12 week body transformation.  

It’s difficult to respect a coach or trainer if they have never played the game themselves, so I felt I owed it to my clients. I also love a challenge – I love to see how far I can push both my mental and physical limits.’ 


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