Craig Hughes

Programme: 1-2-1 Personal Training
Duration: 6 months
Craigs Transformation
Craigs Transformation

Craig’s training sessions were all about education, teaching him how to lift weights, how to contract his muscles and how to execute all basic movement patterns. Something a lot of guys like Craig don’t know how to do.

Laying the foundations with resistance training as he did with his lifestyle and nutrition. These basics we’re engrained for about 6-8 weeks, basic interventions lead to outstanding results.

Not only was Craig feeling better than ever, work performance had improved, health markers such as his resting heart rate had improved and his sleep was better than ever.

As a by-product body fat was dropping, strength and energy during training and outside of the gym significantly improved.

Once the foundations were laid, Craig’s new developed habits started to become ingrained and he was going from strength to strength. Meaning he could step up his training, his conditioning and his nutrition to really start focusing on his body transformation for summer.

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