Olivia Campbell’s Transformation

Programme: RELOAD Group Training
Olivia's after personal training transformation photos

Olivia’s Transformation

Olivia’s transformation is truly inspirational. Incredibly she managed to lose over 110 pounds during her transformation with us but what is more amazing are all the things she gained.

Olivia had been struggling with depression and eating disorders from an early age. Looking into her lifestyle rather than just asking her to exercise more and eat less was the key to her success. At FORM it is paramount that we make things as simple as possible for our clients. We pick the things that have the greatest ‘bang for their buck’ and that can simply fit within their lifestyle.

Olivia’s Testimonial Video 

Confusing a dramatic transformation and the need for a number of dramatic interventions is incorrect and is one that is damaging the fitness industry. No matter how outstanding the transformation, the best and long lasting transformations don’t happen overnight and nor do they require just a few strenuous, defining interventions. Sustainable transformations follow a predictable and consistent pattern. A lot of people say to us that they don’t feel like they are in the right position to start personal training yet or that they don’t have the time or energy. It is our mission to teach people to make training as time efficient as possible. It is also equally important to educate them in the ways to make everything work into their busy schedule without feeling like a chore.

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