Sam Hull

Programme: Reform Group Training
Duration: 8 weeks

Sam had been your typical inconsistent gym goer for many years. 

He would would visit the gym with no plan and select the exercises that he enjoyed, more often than not focussing on his chest and arms.

This coupled with not knowing how to nourish his body and following every fad “bro” diet out there Sam struggled to make any real progress. This frustrated Sam as he couldn’t see how he could ever achieve his body goals.

Through gradually educating Sam on how to work his nutrition around his goals and providing him with a specific training plan he was able to start making progress.

Our REFORM group personal training camps teach everyone how to train effectively and we provide additional workouts to enhance results, which is exactly what Sam followed in order to achieve this incredible results in a short space of time.  

Despite the odd slip up over the 8 weeks Sam made incredible progress and has the results to show for it. 


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