Sam Leister’s Transformation

Programme: RELOAD Group Training
Sam Leister's before RELOAD group personal training transformation pictures
Sam Leister's after RELOAD group personal training transformation pictures

Sam leister’s RELOAD group personal training transformation

Sam started RELOAD group personal training as he wanted to improve his sports performance (rugby) and transform his physique. Sick of been known as the big guy he wanted to get the guience of 1-2-1 training personal training but the camaraderie that our group training environment provides.

The one thing that makes RELOAD so unique from any other group training class is being assigned a coach. At FORM, we know to get the best out of people you need someone to be accountable to – someone who is on your side! RELOAD is at the heart of our ethos at FORM along with some great music and community feel to really inspire you to be your best. We care about the things that will have an impact on your health, fitness and physique to ensure you are in this long term. This, combining the power of a community, great programing puts you in the perfect environment to succeed and get the transformation you desire.

RELOAD certainly is not for everyone but we are here for everyone. A straight forward, no gimmick approach to fitness. We don’t sell and juice diet plan or claim that that our workouts burn a 1000 calories every time. What we do promise is that you will be set up in the best possible environment to achieve your goals, build habits and ultimately become the best possible version of yourself. Exercise is about winning not a punishment! Let’s start enjoying training and turning ourselves into the mini athletes we know we are!

Our ethos and approach to training is exactly why Sam’s transformation is one we are super proud of. He now has the skills for life to continue on his fitness journey and enjoy it.


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