Shilpa Lakhanpal

Duration: 6 months

Meet Shilpa Lakhanpal

Shilpa came to FORM having felt she needed to make a change to her health. Having dealt with Type 1 Diabetes for as long as she could remember, she didn’t want to be a victim of it anymore. Once she enquired, it was then we booked her in for an assessment with our personal gym trainer Kaif. It was then, the journey started.

Coach Kaif and Shilpa sat down and went through her lifestyle. They together decided what needed to be done in order to get to Shilpa’s goal.

They started with an outcome goal, this was to set Shilpa with a tangible goal she could hit in 4 weeks

Once they set that outcome goal, they then needed to figure out the processes it would take for her to get to her outcome goal.

They set that daily she needed to

  1. Eat a source of protein with every meal
  2. Walk 10,000 steps a day
  3. Resistance train with Kaif twice a week

As Shilpa started to get into a groove of doing these 3 tasks week on week the results started to come and in her first month she smashed her outcome goal of 10lbs out of the park and hit a staggering 20lbs!

The following month she hit another 20lbs then lockdown hit..

For most, this would have meant time off

Not for Shilpa, she steadily lost weight over the first lockdown and came back an overall, whopping 50lbs down. She was consistently ticking her process goals off day to day, week to week.

Once lockdown lifted, Shilpa was straight back in the gym to lose the last few pounds she felt she had to lose. Nothing changed, the same principles applied, she then lost a further 10lbs and now sits an overall 60lbs down from her initial weight.

She walks in the gym with confidence, moves like an athlete and is always telling us about how much more confident she feels in her clothes. This is what is important to us here at FORM, it is much more than a physical transformation.

Shilpa has transformed her life