We all live busy lives, and if there is one thing the pandemic has taught us, it’s that you need to take time for you. It’s far too easy to get caught up with the stress of work, family life and trying to squeeze in all the other stuff that makes other people happy (and not necessarily ourselves). It’s resulting in a nation that is burnt out, stressed and more likely than ever to suffer from mental health issues. With this in mind, FORM has established a brand new mindful and revitalising class called RESET which will bring wellness to the people of Manchester. Discover more about RESET and how it can help you to work smart and live better. 

Wellness in Manchester

According to Our Healthier Manchester, people who live in the city have worse health than England’s average. This is extremely concerning and doesn’t just affect those living in poverty. With 1 in 4 people suffering with mental health issues at least once a year, wellness in Manchester has never been so important. 

Here at FORM, we believe that people can live better, healthier and more fulfilled lives and it’s our aim to make this a reality through exciting city centre concepts such as RESET. 

What is RESET?

RESET is a yoga studio in Manchester, based inside Bloc on Marble Street and is brought to you by FORM. Whatever your motivation, everyone has a place in our RESET studio where we hold classes focussed on mindset, mindfulness and wellbeing. 

We understand how fast paced life is for the people in our city and that’s why we are here with slow paced classes that will chill you out, improve the way you move your body and help you dial down your nervous system. All of our classes are suitable for absolute beginners, all the way up to seasoned pros!

We offer a range of classes depending on your wellness needs and prior experience:


Inspired by ballet, yoga and pilates, barre will strengthen and tone your body using a range of low-impact and high energy movements.


Perfect for beginners, this class will improve the way you move your body and introduce you to better mobility, mindfulness and strength.


Also known as Vinyasa Yoga, Flow focuses on the relationship between breath and movement, improving strength and mobility.

Strong Flow

This class works just like Flow, but is a little more intense – better suited to those who prefer more of a challenge.


Rest blends Restorative and Yin yoga and is the perfect antidote to stress. This class dials down the nervous system through a mixture of breathing exercises and meditation and is perfect if you need to rest and unwind after a stressful day at work.


Pilates works on a mixture of strength, balance, flexibility and coordination and is suitable for a range of abilities.

Work smarter with RESET

With many of us now back in the office, you may be looking for ways to bring the balance of home working to the city centre. That’s why we offer corporate packages so that your team can discover new training experiences, meet new people and bond with each other.

By giving your teams the opportunity to work out together and improve their mindfulness and wellness, you’ll see increased productivity within the workplace and more engaged and happier staff. 

Live better with RESET

Ready to give RESET a go? We are offering beginners three classes for only £25 so that you can try us out before you commit. Enjoy improving your wellness as well as your fitness with our incredible classes. Our highly qualified instructors can’t wait to inspire your love for wellness and movement. Get in touch with our team today to find out more about what we offer and how to sign up. 

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