How corporate fitness plans can help your team thrive

How corporate fitness plans can help your team thrive

In a competitive business landscape, you know it comes down to survival of the fittest. So, how can RESET by FORM’s corporate fitness plans galvanise you and your team to achieve more? Harnessing the power of exercise can give you that edge – read on to find out how and why.  

Why should you prioritise fitness at work?  

27% of people in Britain don’t manage a single 30-minute exercise session over the course of a week, despite NHS guidelines recommending 2.5 hours of medium intensity exercise every week. 

For many, the pandemic brought more opportunity to fit exercise into daily life, with 76% of home workers surveyed in April 2021 saying they had left home to exercise that week.  

Yet, pre-pandemic, a 2017 survey revealed 52% of young professionals felt too busy to exercise. 

Therefore, incorporating exercise into your working day can eliminate excuses and motivate your colleagues to tap into the many benefits of mind, body – and business. 

How can a weekly exercise class benefit your business? 

Exercise makes our brains function more effectively and increases productivity, with one Australian study discovering a 72% improvement in time management and task completion in people who had worked out that day.  

The same study revealed low-intensity exercise was the best type of movement to boost productivity.  

Our low-intensity, all-ability RESET classes encompass yoga, pilates and barre and are built around mindfulness, calm and wellbeing.  

Regular yoga can significantly decrease stress, anxiety and depression. Meanwhile, pilates is scientifically proven to reduce back pain, which affects almost half of office workers and costs the UK 31 million working days, a year.  

So, we have chosen these disciplines thoughtfully to offer maximum benefit to your employees and business while being accessible to all.  

The facts show that exercise relaxes us, reduces stress and prevents burnout. With 17.9 million working days lost to work-related stress, depression and anxiety in 2019 and 2020 alone, curbing stress isn’t just good for the individual but vital for businesses to function successfully.  

How does group exercise benefit your employees? 

2017 US study found group exercise is far more than an employee bonding exercise. 

In fact, group exercise reduces stress and enhances quality of life far more than working out alone.  

Participants who joined group fitness sessions showed a 26% reduction in stress and a 26% boost in emotional stability. At the same time, solo exercisers worked out for twice as long but saw no significant improvements to their stress levels. 

Investing in your employees’ wellbeing makes them feel valued and appreciated, which elevates morale, reduces churn, and entices top talent to your team.  

Moreover, exercise improves concentration and memory, reduces the risk of heart disease, lowers blood pressure, and leads to better sleep – all of which contribute to nurturing healthier, happier employees that generate better results for your business. 

Corporate fitness plans to help your team RESET 

Our corporate class plan offers you one wellness-boosting class a week, exclusive to you and your team. You choose who can access it – employees, managers, clients – it’s your call.  

A qualified and highly motivational RESET teacher will deliver a dynamic session open to all abilities that will energise, focus, and inspire. You’ll gain access to our boutique studio and facilities – located in Bloc, a state-of-the-art facility, on Marble Street. 

Can’t make it to our studio? We also offer online classes, so you can tune in from wherever you are or share the benefits far and wide. 

Classes available through our RESET corporate package include yoga, barre and pilates, and every session is designed to benefit the mind and body. 

Alternatively, speak to us about corporate membership bundles, which allow your employees to access our full range of services at reduced or subsidised prices. 

How to unlock the advantages of corporate fitness 

Weekly class sessions for your business are now available through our RESET by FORM corporate fitness programme.  

Our corporate class packages are already in high demand thanks to their innovative approach to workplace wellbeing – so make sure you enquire now to secure the best slot. 

You can also speak to us about our corporate membership packages which enable your team to access classes and training sessions at our Manchester fitness studios.  

The impact of regular fitness on your employees’ physical and mental health will be immediate – so contact us now to start unlocking the true potential of your team.  

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