Class Styles

RESET is for everybody, whether you’re an experienced mover or a complete newbie.

All of our classes include layers, so you can build things up if you want something more challenging, or wind it down if you prefer to keep it chill, or are still finding your feet.

Pilates class types

  • All classes are open level
  • Classes to suit your mood – read on to see which are more fiery and which are more chill
  • Max. capacity 20 mats

Yoga class types

  • All classes are open level
  • Classes to suit your mood, from creative flows to complete rest
  • Max capacity 16 for Yin & 20 for Flow.

Other class types

  • Higher energy classes to get you sweating
  • Open level, but prepare to work hard
  • Max capacity, Barre 10 & Sculpt 16

Modifications -always yes! Something totally different – not always.

It’s important to us that you, along with everyone else in class, gets the most out of their time in the studio. Our policy around injuries is in place to make sure that happens. If you have an injury or condition that prohibits you from performing certain exercises, for example a sprained ankle limiting your ability to weight bear, then we will recommend our private or semi-private sessions.


Prenatal and want to move?

Movement during pregnancy can be incredibly beneficial to both you and your baby. We would love to see you in class so long as you are signed off to exercise by your Doctor. Please reach out to us before booking so that we can recommend which classes are and aren’t suitable for you, and talk through our standard practice when it comes to moving as a duo.

Note that Pilates Burn, OG moves and some Vinyasa classes will not be suitable.