Caroline’s transformation

Programme: 1-2-1 Personal Training
Duration: 9 weeks

Caroline’s Transformation

Transformation stats

– 6kg / 13.2 total lbs dropped
– 6 % body fat dropped
– New found confidence instilled


Despite being very lean Caroline was never truly happy with her body shape and wanted to get in the shape of her life for her holiday this year. Over a 9 week period Caroline stuck to a consistent training regime & followed a simple nutritional plan designed by her personal gym trainer which led her to getting her dream body.

With the guidance from FORM coach and director Libby Smith and our in house nutritionist, Caroline was given the tools to achieve a great transformation. Throughout the 9-weeks Caroline’s progress was monitored to ensure that her energy levels and performance in the gym remained high but she was continually losing body fat each week.

For us, it is key that everyone who undertakes a transformation is educated along the way so that they can continue to stay in amazing shape with great fitness levels for life. Caroline’s plan was one that was all about keeping things simple, going back to basics and getting really good on those things. Prior to her transformation Caroline would do the odd bit in the gym and lots of fitness classes. We just changed this to a more structured workout that really allowed us to control certain variables  keep her engaged and competitive.

9-weeks later & I think it’s fair to say Caroline looks incredible!!

A lot of people say to us that they don’t feel like they are in the right position to start personal training yet or that they don’t have the time or energy. It is our mission to teach people to make training as time efficient as possible. It is also equally important to educate them in the ways to make everything work into their busy schedule without feeling like a chore. If you would like to start your fitness transformation with FORM and see what you can achieve click here and fill in the experience session form.

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