Lukas Nohrer

Programme: 1-2-1 Personal Training
Duration: 6 months

Meet Lukas, Lukas came to FORM to work with Coach David Flowers after seeing the results his partner and long term client, Craig achieved. Lukas had just started his journey then lockdown hit. Not the best timing but David and Lukas had to adapt.

Lukas like many had an eating disorder in the past. These past experiences were constantly playing on his mind and he had the fear of becoming ‘too skinny’. Lukas’s past training and dietary approaches played right into this. Think excessive cardio, no resistance training, and very little calories.

It was no wonder he always fluctuated with his weight in the past taking such extreme approaches when looking to drop body fat. There’s been plenty of times throughout this journey with Lukas where Coach David had to tell him to eat more food and calm down on the activity.

Reminding him constantly that he’s a 6’4, 85kg male. And if he wants the physique he aspires towards he needed to take a different route of that in the past.

However, through on-going education and guidance, he was pretty taken back by the many benefits of progressive resistance training combined with smart dieting.

Maybe it’s the German in him but this guy’s attitude has been second to none. He doesn’t shy away from being uncomfortable and the guy even likes the ‘Hack Squat’. So a good result, David guessed was always going to be inevitable. As Lukas’s trainer, David is really proud of what he has achieved.

More importantly, we genuinely think he’s built a physique that he can live with.