Paul Kemp

Programme: 1-2-1 Personal Training
Duration: 3 years

– 22% body fat dropped
– 28lbs lean muscle gained

I approached Ben for help with two problems, a long-term injury that was hindering exercise and a pair of man boobs. I’d lost some weight dieting and was keen to move things up a level. Following an initial assessment, Ben drew up a nutrition and exercise plan and the plan worked.

The injury rehab went brilliantly, the weight dropped off and the man boobs disappeared, it was hard work but the results made it worthwhile.

I didn’t realise Ben’s approach to one to one personal training would be a life changing journey but it has been, it’s also brought unexpected benefits, such as no longer suffering with colds or struggling to get out of bed in the morning.

I’ve been undertaking personal training with Ben for over three years now, not only has it been enjoyable, but he’s kept me highly motivated, and I continue to see improvements.

This had to be a longer process to achieve Pauls results with the severity of his injury. It was explained to him that if he wanted health and fitness to be a long-term life change we would have to get him structurally balanced to allow him to get the most from his training. Not only is Paul in great shape but he is now able to go for bike rides and play football with his kids; something he’s not been able to do for years.