Ruben Dominguez 12-Week Transformation

Programme: 1-2-1 Personal Training
Duration: 12-Weeks
Ruben's before transformation pictures
Ruben's after transformation pictures

This is a great physical personal training transformation by Ruben. Ruben was unsure if he would be able to transform his current physique to one he believed he should have with all the work he currently did at the gym. However, he trusted the process and stuck to the plan for the full 12 weeks. We are really proud of what he has achieved and as you can see the pictures speak for themselves.

We are really proud that this transformation, although it looks amazing, it wasn’t all about appearances. Ruben’s transformation has also had a massive impact on his overall confidence in work, improved energy levels, sleep and reductions in cardiovascular health risks.


We didn’t have the perfect formula on week 1 and it took around 3 weeks to tip the seesaw so that we were in enough of a calorie deficit but ensured he still had lots of energy for his day to day tasks. At FORM we would actually like our clients to be in the lowest deficit possible to get the desired results as this will ensure a long term body transformation.

After we found the correct formula for Ruben to lose body fat week on week we just added in a low impact cardiovascular session to increase calorie expenditure without impacting energy levels, reduced his calories slightly as he naturally needed less with weighing less and less each week and kept consistent with his tick list each week.

This approach along with educating during the transformation period means that Ruben has the skills for life. 2 years after this transformation Ruben is still in the same amazing shape.


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