Why gym memberships are a great employee benefit

Why gym memberships are a great employee benefit

As workers returning to the office demand more from their workplace post-pandemic, one benefit on the rise is fitness. Increasingly, employers are waking up to the perks of offering on-site gyms and reduced corporate memberships. So, what are the benefits of gyms and gym memberships to both employees and employers?

The fitness boom

Reduced corporate gym memberships and on-site gyms are nothing new, yet they’ve gained massive popularity in recent times.

The Engage app reported a 32% increase in employees demanding gym membership discounts from employers in April 2021 – no doubt a result of our hunger to return to the treadmill following long periods of gym closures and at-home workouts.

However, the wellness trend was already pushing the gym to the front of the public conscience pre-COVID.

Between 2011 and 2018, the number of UK gyms doubled, with the fitness club industry in the UK turning over £2 billion before the pandemic.

So, how does the rising appetite for fitness take shape in the workplace?

The benefits of fitness for employees and employers

With a plethora of perks for workers and management alike, it’s no wonder we’re seeing more and more businesses incorporate gyms into their workplaces or offer different gym membership options to their teams.

Here are a few of the benefits.

Increased fitness levels

Of course, increased fitness levels are a given, but what does this mean for individuals and businesses?

For the gym-going worker, better fitness means improved wellbeing, resilience, self-esteem and energy levels.

For the employer, healthy workers take fewer sick days and are generally happier in themselves and their work.

Less stress

Exercise naturally reduces stress levels, promoting better mental health in the workplace. By releasing those endorphins, employees are better equipped to navigate the trials of everyday office life, while employers enjoy stronger attendance and morale across the board.

Higher productivity levels

When we work out regularly, we feel happier and more energetic, which quickly impacts all areas of our life – especially work. Stronger, healthier and livelier employees not only feel better but perform better, too. So, prepare to see productivity skyrocket.

Better talent

Company culture is a huge element in attracting and retaining top talent, and employee benefits form a significant part of your culture as a business.

By offering an on-site gym or reduced membership package to your teams, you’re demonstrating your commitment to their wellbeing. Taking it a step further, it shows you take a holistic attitude to prioritising their physical and mental wellbeing, offering them benefits that have a ripple effect beyond the workplace.

Fitness at work – a case study

One shining example of how fitness can benefit employees and employers is the FORM x Bruntwood Works fitness concept.

As part of a joint venture with Bruntwood Works, the FORM team delivers our unique style of fitness and wellbeing at Bruntwood Works’ Manchester workspaces, where classes and sessions are accessible to everyone.

Chris Oglesby, CEO of Bruntwood, is a passionate ambassador for the benefits of promoting healthy lifestyles in the workplace.

He said: “Our work and personal lives are blurring. Now we’ve learned we can work from home, professional workspaces need to offer more value. For a building to appeal to a business and its employees, it has to be more than a place where people sit and work – we need to find solutions for other parts of their lives, too, and create environments where they thrive both professionally and personally. 

“In focusing on the whole person, we get so much more productivity, longevity, loyalty and discretionary effort from them. So, this is our part of the contract in helping people be the best versions of themselves.” 

Ciara Keeling, CEO of Bruntwood Works, adds:

Ciara said: “We have always strived to create workplaces that blend work and lifestyle. The last 12 months have highlighted just how important those ambitions are, especially the health and wellness of our colleagues and customers.”

What are the different ways to offer fitness in your workplace?

Fitness at work looks different for every business, and the options are plentiful. In fact, we work with companies across Manchester in a range of ways to identify the best solution to support their employees’ physical and mental health.

On-site gyms

Providing you’ve got the space and the budget, on-site gyms are a fantastic way to offer a dedicated, free space for your teams to let off some steam and fill up their tanks for the working day.

The FORM team works with Bruntwood Works to run group fitness classes and personal training sessions at its on-site facilities in the city.

Free gym memberships

Many business owners set aside a dedicated budget to fund free gym memberships and training bundles for their employees. We’re predicting a boom in corporate gym memberships as our clients and their employers’ clamour to tap into the many tangible benefits of a fitter workforce.

Reduced gym memberships

Subsidising reduced gym memberships for your employees is an excellent way to support their health and fitness goals. Many of our business clients work with us to develop a bespoke package for their teams. In doing so, they can get the most out of our services at the best value for them.

Bootcamps and ad hoc sessions

There’s a fitness solution for every workplace. For example, organising a weekly outdoor bootcamp session led by a professional fitness coach is a great option if you’re on a more modest employee benefits budget.

For businesses keen to adopt a fitness solution that fits around their budget, we offer “learn and learn seminars” where our qualified personal trainers visit your workplace to discuss nutrition and fitness, helping to find the right fit for your company.

Increasing value for your employees

FORM founder, Libby Smith, has seen first-hand how employee gym and membership benefits have impacted business and individuals.

She explains: “We understand that not all offices have someone to oversee individuals’ happiness at work. We also know that a lack of support for physical and mental health within businesses is problematic, as more people than ever report struggling with the day to day pressures of life, both at home and in the office and with the ability to log on from home, those lines are becoming ever more blurred, resulting in more stress, less productivity and a reduced bottom line.
“Research consistently shows that proactive prevention is the best solution to wellbeing in the workplace, and that is where we come in. FORM will get to know you and your employees and put together a unique offering to improve your employees’ experience. 

“A solid workplace wellbeing package is increasing in value to a new generation of talent more so than ever. It’s now understood that the value an employee places on their wellbeing has somewhat changed over recent years, and it’s important that a company can support an individual around their wellbeing needs to retain and sustain happy, healthy team members.”

Find out more about corporate packages

To see what kind of benefits we could create for your business and employees, speak to a member of the FORM team about our corporate packages. Contact us now, and let’s take it from there.

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