Raza’s Transformation

Programme: 1-2-1 Personal Training
Duration: 6 months
Raza's before personal training transformation pictures
Raza's after personal training transformation pictures

Raza’s transformation is one of true inspiration 

Before coming to FORM Raza had never really had any sort of structure or health and fitness routine. Like most guys in their 20’s and 30’s Raza sporadically went to the gym with his friends and performed a few sets of bench press and a couple bicep curls before calling it a day have not achieved too much. Raza approached us after seeing one of FORMs previous transformation and wanted to see if something like this would be possible for him.

For Raza’s transformation we kept things simple but ensured that we had a plan. Training 3 times per week, getting plenty of steps in and having a simple nutritional plan that worked within his busy work schedule.  Then we ensured that we monitor his progression, kept Raza accountable and consistent and educated him to ensure he trusted the process. This isn’t to say that he had hurdles along the way but because there was a plan in place we were able to handle these hurdles without being derailed.

The ‘before and after’ transformations don’t happen overnight. they are a consistent push in the right direction that leads to something that looks dramatic not day by day but looks incredible when you look back over a few months.

A great sustainable transformation is somewhat predictable and consistent. We kept with a very similar meal plan and simply reduced things a little. Increasing his calorific output by increasing his daily steps and doing a little more cardio in the gym. Then monitor his progression week by week and made plans if we needed more of a caloric deficit and would work out a plan of either reducing intake or increasing output……. Simple!!

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