5 ways to bring a business mindset to the gym

5 ways to bring a business mindset to the gym

In the boardroom, you invest in growth. You make ruthless decisions, and as a result, you reap the rewards of optimal performance. Do you apply the same mindset when you think about your body and fitness? In the High Performance Podcast, learning entrepreneur Michelle Mone talks candidly about the benefits of treating her body like a business. By employing a business mindset when she exercised, Mone was able to grow her £50m global lingeries empire.  

If you treat your body with a business mindset, you can also tap into a wealth of physical and mental benefits. In addition, you’ll find that your productivity will soar when you shift your business mindset to exercise too. This blog explores our secret tips that will help you bring your business energy and attitude into the gym. 

How can fitness benefit high performing business leaders?

For successful entrepreneurs with a natural business mindset, the importance of fitness and training goes beyond ticking boxes and smashing your personal best. When you harness the power of fitness, you unleash countless benefits, including: 

  • Relieving stress from the day you’ve experienced
  • Keeping your body strong enough to power through your demanding lifestyle
  • Building resilience to cope with physical and mental challenges
  • Improving your sleep patterns for better focus and energy levels
  • Supercharging productivity by shifting your mind up a gear

How to apply a business mindset to your fitness regime

Like any ambitious project, powering up your fitness to a higher level requires a strategic approach. Applying a business mindset to the bench press ultimately has the same outcome: you get out what you put in. 

So, how can you apply your boardroom skills and business mindset to benefit your body? Here are five ways to take your business acumen into the gym. 

Invest in growth

CEOs and senior leaders know that investing in your success is far more complex than simply investing financially. Your time is your most valuable asset, so it’s critical that you understand the importance of using it wisely. Applying the smart use of your time to your exercise mindset will allow you to achieve maximum output. 

 So take that business mindset to the gym, and invest in the results of your body and your health. It will take time and energy, like every worthwhile project, but applying your steely determination to your fitness journey will guarantee phenomenal personal training results for your physical and mental strength. 

Recognise the value of your business mindset

True business leaders recognise the value of their proposition and the potential that their product or service has to change the landscape of their industry’s market, and to improve the lives of their consumers. You’re an ambassador for your business – are you an ambassador for your health and fitness journey? Do you currently have the right fitness mindset? Do you recognise the value in your body? 


Your body is incredible; it carries you through every challenges in both your personal and professional life. It’s critical to understand the potential of your body, and what it can achieve when you treat your body with the same level of respect that you have for your business and your career. Adapt that business mindset to the gym and fitness, and you will be unstoppable. 

Use the correct fuel

Every day you fuel your business and your career by feeding it the right attitude, assembling a powerful and committed team, and grasping every opportunity for growth. You read all the recommended books, take expert advice, and potentially work with specialist coaches to generate the best results across the different departments of your business. 

Like your business, your body requires the right fuel to compliment your exercise mindset. This will allow you to perform at a higher level during your training. Michelle Mone from the High Performance Podcast highlights that:

“you wouldn’t abuse your business, so why abuse your body?”

Michelle Mone

and she makes an excellent point. Approach your nutrition with the same business mindset that you approach project strategies. Fuelling your body with the right nutrition enables you to hit your goals, see tangible results, and reap seriously impressive results. 


Set non-negotiable behaviours

Innovative leaders make ruthless decisions on a regular basis. If you want to trigger action and generate results in your career, you need to live by a set of non-negotiable behaviours that become a natural part of your business mindset. This set of behaviours will look different for each business leader, but their relevance and link to success are undeniable. 

It’s therefore important to employ the same strategies as part of your exercise mindset. Setting non-negotiables in your fitness journey will motivate you to accomplish your health goals and enjoy the rewards and achievement that follow. Diarise your workouts and show up as if it’s the most important appointment in your calendar.  

Aim for longevity and sustainability

Serious burnout can lead to grave errors which could result in the loss of your business or damage to your career. This is why it’s critical that every business has a long-term health plan for longevity and sustainable growth.  

Just as you’d forecast a five year business strategy with targets and deadlines for your business, take your business mindset and map out your fitness goals with actionable tasks that you can use to achieve them. Quick fixes aren’t part of your business mindset; sometimes you can spend decades working towards a professional goal by focusing on incremental gains, best practise, and sheer hard work.  

Take this business mindset into your workouts – don’t rely on quick fixes in the gym and expect them to provide the results you’re craving. Ensure that your exercise mindset is backing your health as much as you back yourself in your career – then you’ll see a long, fulfilling and healthy future ahead. 

Start applying your business mentality in the gym now 

You’re accustomed to doing the hard work in the boardroom, and you’ve experienced incredible results in your professional life as a result. Now it’s time to channel that focus and determination into improving your body. Prioritising your health will produce worthwhile benefits for your physical and mental wellbeing – it will also set you up for great success in your workplace too.  

As Michelle Mone highlights, entrepreneurs put their life on the line every day. Investing in your health equips you with the energy, longevity and mentality to tackle high impact situations with confidence and positivity.  

When you implement all of these business mindset strategies, investing  in your health should no longer feel detrimental to your work life. Instead, it should become the catalyst which allows you to accelerate results in all areas of your life. Fitness is a fundamental element of fast tracking your professional growth whilst simultaneously maintaining a healthy work life balance.  

It’s time to invest in yourself and reap the rewards that you deserve in every aspect of your life – achieve this by adapting your business mindset to fit the gym and creating a new exercise mindset. 

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